Rechargable Abs Stimulator

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Rechargable Abs Stimulator - Spartan Mart

Rechargable Abs Stimulator

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4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us

1. Firms, Tones, Strengthens and Tightens Muscles
2. Electromagnetic pulses help firm and define your core with strengthening muscle contractions
3. Easy push-button operation with 6 modes. 
4. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) Technology
5. 1 days 1 times, every 30 minutes of training, Exercise and tight muscles. 
6. Using the original training pulse with the frequency of specific current
7. Design the training method of effective exercise muscles
Color for pad: Black.Red
Auto programs: Scraping, Massage,Acupuncture, tapping, combination.
Certificate: CE/EMC,ROHS
EMS exercise way:
Muscle is composed of very fine muscle fibers, can be roughly divided into fast and slow.Fast developed more easily, need to exercise to get tight fit.But in general exercise, fast must by high intensity anaerobic exercise to exercise effect.EMS even in the case of low load can selectively exercise muscle fast, quicker to embody the muscle change of appearance.
What is EMS ?(Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
Under normal circumstances, the muscle after receives signals from the brain instructions.EMS technology through the current stimulus, directly communicate signals to muscles, muscle movement.
Package Include: 
3* Device
3* Pad
1* USB Cable
1* User manual(without retail package)

Taking care after using:
1.Please ture off power after using.
2.Please separate adhesive gel pads from machine.
3.Please attach adhesive gel pad to pad holder.(To prevent adhesive pad for drying, which mush paste it pad holder)
4.The dirty point and etc on case should be cleaned by wet cloth by neutral cleaning material and wiped it by drying cloth again.
5.Don't keep in sunshine, hot temperature and humidity, wet and dust place, closer fire, or shocking place etc.
6.To keep it by children who can not touch.
7.Don't touch drying battery terminal with wet hand.

8.If doesn't use it for a long time.(more than 1 month) Please separate battery from machine and store it at other place.

  • STRENGTHEN AND TONE MUCSLE: The muscle trainer sends small electrical impulses to your muscles, causing them to work the same way in a conventional training session, but with much less effort. Toning of 20 minutes equals 1500m running, 30 minutes sit-ups, or 30 minutes swimming
  • GAIN BETTER FIGURE IN RELAXATION: The ABS stimulator works directly on muscles, activating deep muscle layers harder to activate in normal training sessions. Perfect for toning stomach, abdomen, leg, arm. Shape body and gain better figure while relax in couch.
  • WORK IN MULTIPLE MODES & INTENSITY LEVELS: Avoid sudden stimulation and work according to your need with its 6 modes and 10 intensity levels. It intelligently stops working after toning your muscles for 15 minutes in a single mode which is proved to be the best training duration.
  • BRING NOTICEABLE RESULT AFTER CONSISTENT USE: Treat the part for 15 minutes/time and 1-2 times a day for 6+ weeks consecutively to strengthen tone and firm muscles. Keep going with it and you’ll feel your belly flattens and muscles tighten.
  • TRAIN MUSCLE ANYWHERE ANYTIME: The AB toning belt is lightweight, thin, and wireless. Gel pads stick to your body firmly, works on your belly when you play phone in couch, do housework or even in office. Fight fat and shape your body anytime, anywhere .










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