Try These 5 Simple Weight Loss Exercises

Once you learn how to do these 5 simple weight loss exercises you will be able to shed those unwanted pounds and get a leaner and healthier body. The most important thing to remember about losing weight is that it's not something you can expect to happen quickly.

You need to give yourself time and stick to a long-term diet and exercise program in order to lose weight and keep it off. These 5 simple weight loss exercises are a great place to start.


1. Walking

Walking may not seem like exercise, but when done the right way it is. Walking at a brisk pace will raise your heart rate, build muscle in your lower body, and burn calories. The key to losing weight is creating a calorie deficit where your body burns more calories than it uses, and walking can definitely be a part of your weight loss routine. In addition to burning calories and building muscle walking has the added benefit of being low impact, so it's easy on your joints.


2. Yoga


Yoga is an ancient discipline that involves stretching, controlled breathing, and balance poses. While it may not seem that difficult, the reality is that when done correctly Yoga can be a tremendous workout. The balance poses you hold in Yoga will build muscle tone, increase your flexibility, and really get your heart rate going. When you are done with a Yoga routine you should be sweating and breathing heavily, all while not moving more than a few feet.


3. Bicycling


Bicycling is another of the 5 simple weight loss exercises that you should definitely incorporate into your workout routine. Like walking and Yoga, bicycling is also low impact. It will help you to build muscle and strength in your lower body, and also elevate your heart rate while burning lots of calories. Best of all, bicycling is a very fun way to exercise which means that you are going to be more likely to stick to doing it.


4. Resistance Training


When most people think of resistance training they probably think of bodybuilders instead of lean and fit people. The truth is that when you use moderate weights and high repetitions, resistance training will help you to build a lean and muscular physique. This is important because having more lean muscle will raise your metabolism. A higher metabolism means that your body will burn more calories all the time, which contributes to that all important calorie deficit that you need to create.


5. Core Training


The idea that you can reduce body fat in one area of your body is a myth. But, what isn't a myth is that you can target specific areas of your body with resistance training in order to increase lean muscle mass in that area, and improve your muscle tone. This is why doing core training like sit-ups and crunches should be an essential part of your weight loss plan. Core training will help you to develop a lean and firm midsection, so as you lose more body fat your abdominal muscles will become more toned.

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