Top 15 Steps for Improving Your Fitness

Do you know that it’s very simple and effective to earn how to workout daily? You shouldn’t overlook your regular exercise because of a busy schedule. Below are simple workouts you can use even on a busy work schedule.

1. Quick spurts exercises

A research study discovered that people who do 4 to 6 30-second sprints daily experienced similar health benefits as those who did 40-to 60-minute workout daily. Also, jumping rope for about three minutes and three times sprinting to and from your mailbox will get heart racing.

2. Make your home the best workout place

Leave several dumbbells next to your microwave, and then do curls while you prepare dinner. This will help you flex your muscles. Use a yoga mat to do downward dogs. Also, Strength-train using a hang resistant band in your bathroom while the tub is filling up.

3. Inconvenience yourself

Inconvenience yourself by running or walking upstairs instead of using an escalator or valet parking. All these make a difference.

4. Reinvent date night

Consider going on night outs in more active places, i.e., places where you can dance or walk around instead of going to a movie.

5. Make a date with Michael Scott

I believe you love office-set comedy. Schedule workouts at the gym while watching the TV show. You can also do this at home if you have the equipment workouts.

6. Deskercise

When your phone rings, pick it and burn some more calories by walking around. Also, download Break Pal from The program pops up on you monitor to help you squeeze a few moves while at work.

7. Brave the outdoors

Shovel the driveway during winter instead of outsourcing.

8. Put it on record

Put your workout schedule on a weekly planner. This should be on a calendar where everyone can see it. This will make your workout a routine.

9. Coaching

Teaching a youth league or running laps with them will help you increase your heart rate. Here, your old athletic skill will be put to good use.

10. Exercise a dog

It doesn’t have to be your dog. Volunteer to an animal shelter or a neighbor and exercise with their dog to get your legs and arms pumping.

11. Travel exercising

Travel full of biking, walking, hiking or any other activity that allows you train a bit is the best. You can visit for more ideas.

12. Use a personal trainer

In case you own an MP3 player or an iPod download video or audio workouts from or You can also add new songs to your playlist. They will help you workout without straining.

13. Look at yourself with exercising

Studies reveal that people who stare at themselves in a mirror while they workout, i.e., on a treadmill, use less effort. They also work out faster

14. Listen to faster Music

If you listen to faster music or increase the listening beat, your feet will follow easily. You can also try BeatScanner from for the best results.

15. Track your steps while exercising

Use a simple pedometer, from, to measure your steps. This device will motivate you and make your work out progress easy.

Tip: If you have lazy workout friends, find a good workout partner from These partners will keep you accountable.

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