The Truth: How To Burn Abdominal Fat

You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to tighten or tone your abdominal. All you need is to get a few facts right about your body.Lets face it: All those devices and crunches that we all see on television won't give you a 6-pack as they claim. And if that is the case, what will? Losing your mid-section fat, will definitely give you the desired results. Exercise, especially paying more attention to cardio, is a ticket to shedding of your extra pounds.

Burn The Fat

The most effective way to lose your mid-section fat is to concentrate more on cardiovascular exercise. Here are some of the best examples:

- Walking

- Running

- Swimming

- Bicycling

- Aerobics

Whichever form of activity you choose, you need to be strategic with your cardio exercise. You can either go for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) or low-intensity cardio training such as walking. Ideally, you can also decide to mix both. Once the fat starts to decrease, your body will appear toned and also less flabby.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you get a ripped midsection

- Build your muscle to shed of more fat

When toning is done together with cardiovascular exercise, it will speed up the process. Therefore, do not pay much attention to your abs only. For a long time this has been a misconception. The true really is that once you work on your large muscles and add more mass to them, you'll increase your metabolism to new heights you've never reached before.

Below are some of large muscle groups you should concentrate on:

- Hips

- Buttocks

- Triceps and Biceps

- Front and Back thighs

- Forearms

- Shoulders

- Calves

- Chest

- Back

Your muscles require more calories to keep maintaining themselves, which means a good part of the food we eat will be consumed by your muscles. That will prevent calories from going to the trouble spots such as midsection. In addition, your conditioned heart will be more effective as well at burning more calories. Immediately you start reducing your fat, your belly will come off. Look at your body fat like an organ that is located in different parts of your body and therefore you can't take it off in one spot alone.It's advisable to work on your abs toward the end of your training session. The reason for this being that you indirectly use them when doing other exercises. Your abs are very important in keeping your body in good form. If you start with you abs, you'll tire them out and the entire workout session will be below optimal. Start with the largest muscles to the smallest ones.

- Strengthen your core

Core exercises are very critical in your training. Use of crunches and a few Janda sit-ups will help you to work on the large abdominal muscles while rectus abdominis, will flex the spine. This particular muscle will compress your abdomen to a certain point, however, you need to concentrate on other muscles too. Some of these muscles are on the sides of your abdominal, which some people like to call them " nature girdle". These are the muscles we use to bend sideways or twist around your waist. Using dumbbell side bends and crunches will help to compress your abdomen. But, you need to avoid any kind of jerky motions, especially for those who have had back problems.

Exercise tips for getting a tight tummy

- Walking

Walking is a good exercise that ensures all your abdominal muscles are at work. You can swing your arms and also contract your mid-section while walking. Once your body gets used to daily walk, it will be hard to do without it. A 30 minutes walk will help you to achieve aerobic effect. Remember to drink alot of water.

- Weight training

When it comes to weight training, it helps to improve your metabolism and strengthen your bones. Adding muscles will boost your energy levels as well as your self-esteem as you grow old.

- Yoga

Yoga is a very effective training in strengthening your body, more so on your abs and back. Yoga improves your posture to create leaner, taller appearance. Other good examples include pilates and mat-based exercises, which you can even do at home. The most useful thing is to pick the activity that you really like.

DO Ab-belts work?

There are many television ads nowadays about Ab belts, some even claiming that they can do the same work of 700 sit-ups. Some people say they have lost several inches around their waist. Also, six-pack men have given credit to these types of devices. Well, this is giving viewers disillusionment on how easy it is to lose weight. Strengthening your abs alone won't help it.

The Mindset

To succeed in weight loss training you need to program yourself well mentally. Avoid using scale to keep measuring your progress. When you start working with weight, you'll gain a few extra pounds while at the same time losing your mid-section. Instead, check your progress using your pair of jeans and you'll notice the slight change.


We have come across people we say with "good genes". But, we shouldn't blame our ancestors for having excess fresh in their belly. What is required is to work harder than others. Don't be attempted to go for a quick fix. If we apply our grandparents work ethics, we can definitely achieve great results. Am not saying its easy, but we can work on it.

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