The Six Best Workouts That Will Target Your Belly Fat

Being overweight has a lot of negative effects including putting you in danger of being affected by conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases and even some types of cancer. To lose the excess weight you need to concentrate more on how to burn the fat on your belly area. This is because the fat which accumulates on the belly is harmful than fat at any other part of the body. You just need to know what to do so as to reduce the belly fat. Here are the best workouts to target the belly fat.

Running On an Incline

Studies done by experts show that running on an incline is fifty percent more effective in burning fat than running on a flat surface. You can run on an inclined treadmill or just in a steep place. You should continue running for about five to ten minutes without stopping so as to get full benefits. If you are older than forty years you should ensure that you jog in a moderate manner so as to give your body time to adapt. It is not a must to run like a professional athlete. Instead, you just need to jog lightly on a regular basis.

Using a Rowing Machine

You do not even have to own a pool so as to engage in this particular exercise that burns fat quickly. By using the rowing machine you will also enjoy other benefits such as stronger muscles, more strength on the legs and improved shoulder strength. You should start with twenty seconds of rowing and then ten seconds of rest. You can repeat this procedure for about eight to ten times before then engaging in a 500 meters fast splint. You should try to be faster every time you row so that you body can be able to endure.

Adding High Intensity Interval Training to Your Workout

Fast pace cardio is usually more effective when it comes to burn fat especially on the belly area. You need to engage in short but intense workouts which will leave you completely exhausted. You can choose different exercises that will exercise different muscles of you body in short intervals. This will provide your body with the necessary stamina while at the same time burning fat.

Use BOSU Ball

Workout professionals recommend that you exercise using a BOSU ball instead of exercising on a flat space. This is because the ball will test your body while at the same time requiring that you have perfect balance. This is especially helpful for burning fat effectively on the abdomen area. It also helps a lot in increasing the metabolism rate so that the entire body can use the excess stored fat.

Lifting Heavier Weights and Resting Less Between Reps

When you lift heavier weights and you rest less you will be providing your body with the ability to withstand more. This means that you will be able to workout more effectively on a regular basis. This will also ensure that your body is still burning calories even after you leave the gym therefore increasing the benefits you get from working out.

Walking On a Regular Basis

Walking on a daily basis can also help a lot in burning the fat on your body especially on the stomach area. You just need to walk for a bout one hour on a daily basis to enjoy these benefits. Professionals recommend that you just need to walk leisurely without putting yourself in a lot of unnecessary pressure. While walking you will also be able to reduce any stress that you might have. Therefore, by applying the outlined best workouts to target belly fat you can be able to improve both your health and self esteem in a convenient manner.

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