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Get The Correct Routine For Your Abs

Get The Correct Routine For Your Abs

Health and fitness are some of the growing trends in society today. Many people are getting into the habit of exercising every day to lose the extra pounds in their body to attain the perfect body figure. However, only a few are able to see the results of their extra hard work. This is mainly because most of the people who get into the exercises do not know how to make the exercises work for them. Wrong routines lead to frustration. Sit ups and planks are some of the most popular exercises among people looking to get the perfect body shapes. You might have been doing them for a long time without results because you are doing them wrong.

Make your exercises efficient

There are several types of routines that you can do to ensure you get into the perfect body. Some of the routines are broken down below as follows;

When doing your sit ups and planks, ensure that you’re his do not sag. This is the major cause of pain in the areas of the lower back. The correct way to do the routine is by ensuring that you feel the fire in the region of your belly button. When you start shaking, then you know you are doing it correctly. Also ensure you incorporate your pelvic floor while doing the planks and pull your hipbones towards each other.

You can also completely forget about the planks altogether and try pelvic tilts. These should be done when you are lying flat on the ground. Raise your leg and ensure that they assume a 90 degree angle. The slowly drop the feet so that they are almost touching the ground then raise them back again. When doing this routine, ensure that you do not arch your back as you are trying to rise and lower your legs. This could lead to tension in your shoulders and lower back.

Another routine is lying on your back with your hips and knees at 90 degrees position and your arms on your opposite sides. The raise your hips so that they go over your head and face the direction of the wall and not the ceiling. When doing this, ensure your squeeze your butt and prevent overreliance on your back to lift your hips.

The last routine is using a kettlebell. Hold it in one hand and walk in a slow motion towards the other end of the room. While doing this, ensure that you maintain an upright posture by engaging your core. When you feel as if you are tilting to one side that means that you are not engaging your tummy in the exercise.


Getting into the correct body shape is not only about finding exercise routines to do every day. It is not also about the amount of time you put in to do the routines. It involves finding the correct routines for you abs and the correct way to do them to ensure that they are effective. Doing the correct routines in a wrong way will always lead to straining the other body parts with no visible effect on the abs.

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