Benefits of Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation is the process by which low-level electrical current is used to stimulate body muscles, thereby forcing them to contract. The Food and Drug Administration department, a regulatory body that regulates and controls devices that perform muscle stimulation, says that most of the devices used for stimulation are on frequent occasions illegally marketed as major shortcuts to muscle building and general definition. The FDA warns that the advertised six-pack abs and other results are unrealistic. However, these muscle stimulation devices are typically used for therapeutic reasons.

Muscle Re-education

Muscle re-education by muscle stimulation is usually used in the very early stages of any physical rehabilitation as a result of an injury which has either left a body muscle unused for a long time or which has affected the normal functioning of the brain. This treatment aims to build a basic tone, strengthen any weakened muscles and also to force the contraction of the body muscles in an organized pattern. This will help in strengthening the cognitive connection between the movements and the brain. After training using electrical muscle stimulators, physical rehab patients are allowed to move on to more vigorous exercises and activities to help them return these muscles to their most desired strength.

Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy is a type of symptom that is characterized by a decrease in body muscle mass. It can occur because of numerous medical conditions. However, Electrical muscle stimulation can be used to prevent or slow down the effects of this type of symptom(muscle atrophy) because it keeps weakened muscles active. The use of EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) for muscle atrophy is approved by FDA.


Osteoarthritis is a very painful and most times debilitating condition that is caused by degradation of the body’s joint tissues. According to a clinical research study that was published in the popular “Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation," EMS was actually found to be one of the most effective components of physical therapy for many elderly patients who had developed hip osteoarthritis after undergoing an entire hip arthroplasty surgery. Besides, electrical muscle stimulation is important for independence and mobility; it can also strengthen the knee extensor muscles.

Prevention of Pressure Sore

Electrical muscle stimulation can efficiently reduce the risk of any pressure sores in many prone patients. Pressure sores are usually common problems for most patients bound to beds, wheelchairs, and any other equipment. This results in steady pressure being applied to some areas of the patient’s body. EMS can also be applied to any gluteus maximus of a wheelchair-bound participant. This treatment produces significant results about the maintenance of proper and standard buttock shape as well as the avoidance of deformities; which can effectively reduce incidences of pressure sores.

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