7 Steps for Using a Muscle Stimulator on Abs

Do you know that there are different types of stimulating devices in our markets today? These devices promise its user's firmer and tighter abs. How do they work? Are they more effective than normal exercises? Electrical Muscle stimulators cause your muscles to contract because they excite your body. Contrary to exercises which stimulate muscles through the brain, EMS units stimulate ab muscles through your nerves; this is according to research done by Vanderbilt University.

Step 1

Stretch the electric muscle stimulator belt all around your waist. Centrally place the large middle pad under your stomach, make sure that the small pads on both sides lie over the softer parts of your abdomen muscles. This should be between your hipbones and ribs.

Step 2

Take some time and secure the electric muscle stimulator belt. Most electric muscle stimulators have a simple hook-and-loop fastener which helps in keeping it in the right place. Also, the electric muscle stimulator pads are supposed to lie tightly against your skin.

Step 3

You can now switch your electric muscle stimulators belt on using the button or switch located on the front panel of your EMS device.

Step 4

Set the electric muscle stimulator toning level so you can feel how your abs contract in a relaxed manner. Most Ab devices contain up and down “arrow” switches that allow you to adjust its intensity easily.

Step 5

In case you are in the beginning stage, allow the electric muscle stimulator to work on your abs for at least 25 minutes per day for five times a week. Follow this 25-minute time limit only for the first 4 weeks. Once you become seasoned electric muscle stimulator user, 40-minute per day should be enough.

Step 6

Now turn the EMS device off if you have finished your ab muscle stimulation session. Remove the belt and then store it somewhere safe until the next use.

Step 7

You should be recording your daily workouts somewhere on a calendar or in a notebook so that you can know when it’s the perfect time to move up from one level to another.


Always remember to allow at least 6 hours of rest between each ab stimulating sessions. The ab stimulator needs to fit properly, not tightly. Also, always read all the instructions which come with your specific brand of EMS before use. Most EMS manufacturers give special assembly instructions, warranty information and troubleshooting instruction that is usually beneficial to all consumers.


Don't overdo it. Whenever you start feeling any discomfort or pain while using this EMS ab stimulator, discontinue your sessions immediately. Seek medical attention if your symptoms persist. Also, consult a physician before you use an EMS device.

When you are pregnant or given birth within 6 weeks, don’t use any muscle stimulator. If you have epilepsy or cancer, if you are taking insulin for diabetes, or if your body has an electronic implant, don’t use ab stimulators. Also, don’t use ab stimulators on children.

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