7 Rules to Live By to Get in Shape in Two Weeks

In the recent past, I have made a significant improvement as far as my physical life is concerned despite being a self-professed and non-athletic geek. I have gone from exercising occasionally to doing it daily. I have managed to persevere running a half marathon compared to getting winded after jogging for three miles in the past. I have managed to add fifteen pounds in lean muscle mass despite taking a vegetarian diet. Although I won’t appear on the Mens Fitness cover anytime soon, I have learnt a number of things about keeping fit outside the basics of exercising and eating right. Here are some important tips that are less known that I learned the through trial and error:

Exercising Daily

It is easier exercising daily than for only three days a week. It will be easier to exercise if only you make your routine to be a daily habit. You can start by exercising for about thirty minutes daily as opposed to exercising a couple of times in a week as it is easy to switch off from the routine. If you are used to exercising frequently, it will be easier to switch your routine to match your schedule. However, it is hard to maintain something that you do not do daily.

Duration Does Not Replace Intensity

After getting into the habit of exercising daily, you may find that you are not reaching your set goals and could be wondering what you should do. Most people increase the duration they exercise but this only consumes time and is not effective at all. Exercising for long periods (over 60-90 minutes) may interfere with the chemical state in the body and end up destroying your muscle and allowing the rise of fat content. The final possible exertions you put in result in major improvement than working out for longer periods.

Acknowledge Your Set Point

Everyone has a genetic set point and equilibrium where the body tends to remain. This will frustrate you when it levels on your muscle gaining and weight loss goals. This does not mean that you cannot achieve all your fitness goals. You should not be too hard on yourself trying to achieve these goals. Acknowledging your set points does not mean you have given up but it shows you have realized your obstacles like hitting a plateau in your fitness results.

Eating Healthy

You should know the type of food to eat. You should not dwell on small things but instead focus on the big things. You should find out whether the food you eat is healthy or not. You should avoid snacks that claim they are healthy while in real sense they are not. Ensure that you eat more vegetables, unprocessed foods and take meat like a side dish not as the main course.

Look Out for Travel

You should be careful not to let your holiday break interfere with your efforts of getting into shape. It does not mean that you do not go for excursions. However, you should be careful not to let them interfere with your routine especially during the first 30-60 days. You should have a backup plan to ensure that you remain consistent.

Start Slow

Burnout is a common occurrence early on in your exercise schedule. You may find yourself vomiting your guts after running for about ten miles. You should take your time and take it easy as you get in sync with your exercising. You should start with less weight and steadily increase your intensity after getting familiar with your exercises.

People Can Anchor or Lift

Having a workout partner can be a great motivational boost and make exercising fun. However, they can also impede you from achieving your set goals. You can have a workout partner but when your plateau hits either in your physical ability, overall health or weight gain/loss you should consider mixing things a bit especially if you have not reached your goals.

You should talk to your partner about the improvements you need to take in order to improve your chances of reaching your goals. You can give them a break if they are not motivated to keep on working out and try other activities. Giving your partner a break may enable you experience an improvement in your intensity and the amount of weight you will be able to lift.

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