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3 Ways to Achieve a Powerful Posture

3 Ways to Achieve a Powerful Posture

3 Ways to Achieve a Powerful Posture

First impressions count, particularly when it comes to your posture. If you want to convey a confidence, then being hunched over or slouching just isn’t going to cut it!

Not only does bad posture make you look bad but it can also undo all of the hard work you put in at the gym. Unnecessary stress on joints and muscles leaves them stressed, stiff, and overworked, leading to back and neck pain, headaches and digestive problems.

But don’t worry!

With a few simple exercises, good posture is easy to achieve.

Try incorporating these simple exercises into your daily routine for great results:



Holding a classic plank engages a multitude of muscles at once, strengthening the back and abdomen and providing a strong core to hold your back in place.

Placing your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders, raise up onto your toes while keeping proper spine alignment.

Hold for 30 seconds for 5 reps.


Back Extensions

Lengthening and stretching the spine is vital for undoing the effects of bad posture. Lay face down on the floor, extending your arms over your head.

Gently lift shoulders off the floor as far as you can then return to neutral.

Repeat 20 times, keeping your spine in alignment at all times.


Ab Wheel

There are so many postures correcting exercises you can do with an Abs Wheel Roller, but it is vital to remember not to arch your lower back as this causes strain on the spine.

Engaging your entire core, ab wheel exercises enable you to perform some of the most challenging exercises of all time.

This is because they focus on the stabilizer muscles underneath the abdomen which act as a support system for the whole skeleton.

Start on all fours grasping the roller, push your body into a plank position ensuring that your spine is aligned, engage core and hold for 30 seconds for 4 reps. 


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