20 Effective Routines For Perfect Abs For Women

It is every woman’s dream to have the perfect abs and be the envy of all the other women. It is true that perfect abs require a lot of work but it can also be simple. There are many routine suggestions for women on the internet on the perfect routines to follow. However, there is a list of the 20 things that have been tested and proven to help you achieve the perfect flattest abs in a shorter period.

20 routines for perfect abs in women

1. Always ensure that you are trying out new exercises every now and then. This is because the body adapts very easily to exercises.

2. Be realistic when setting your goals. Set achievable short term goals and advance towards the abs.

3. Instead of focusing more on the number of preps you do, ensure the few preps you do are effective. Doing too many preps may cause you to distort your form, leading to inefficiency of the routine.

4. Ensure you time at the gym helps you to do intensive exercises to the whole body in intervals.

5. Do not starve yourself or measure the quantities of food you consume. Eating enough helps to build muscle and abs.

6. Replace fatty meat with lean meat but do not avoid meat completely. Meat is a high source of proteins in the body that is required to build the muscle.

7. Instead of only drinking water, you can also find fruits that have a lot of water and supplement your water intake by eating these fruits.

8. You are allowed to cheat a little and eat some fatty food, but only once in a while.

9. Drink a lot of water in addition to eating the watery fruits. 3-4 liters every day is recommended while avoiding alcohol.

10. Eating complex carbohydrates like oats for breakfast also helps.

11. Most of the women with the flattest abs have replaced doing sit ups with planks. This is because planks are more effective in creation of abs.

12. Asparagus helps in getting rid of excess water in the body so that you do not feel unnecessarily full due to consumption of a lot of water in your diet.

13. Avoid consuming a lot of salt.

14. Ensure you do a lot of cardio routines like running, swimming and even jogging.

15. Skipping the rope is also very effective in creation of abs especially when it is done correctly.

16. Consume less sugars in your diet.

17. Engage your core by locking your ribcage when doing routines and other normal stuff like driving and standing.

18. Have routines that you can do anywhere easily like crunches and planks.

19. Drink water before taking meals because water fills up the stomach and prevents you from overfeeding.

20. Take smaller meals in between the day and prevent eating heavy meals in the morning and evening.


Following routines of women who have achieved flat as is one of the fast ways to achieve your abs. This is because the routines have been tested and proven to work for them. By following the routines, you can be able to achieve all that they have achieved with the same routines.

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