10 Tips On How To Get Fitness Results That Stick

Fitness is one of the most hyped areas of general health today. As many of us struggle with fad-based diets and intensive fitness routines, there are certain former coach potatoes that decided to share their stories on how to get into a perfect shape. We have brainstormed some of the common tips. These tips are presented them below so read on and be inspired.

Do Not Compromise

We always say little things to ourselves like “it’s just a bit,” “only for the hour- no more”. This is because we assume just because the thought takes seconds to pass from the mind it does the same for the body too.

However, your body watches and keenly records. As a result, it will put you to account after the “little things” pile up. It is best to steer clear of compromises. If you choose to forego the pizza, then remain true to your decision no matter what.

Find Your Time

A time that works for you isn’t a thing that a doctor could prescribe. You know yourself better than anyone else.

Allocate time that you are free enough and do some exercise. Better still, take your workout more seriously. Try to fix it in your main schedule, your health is important enough.

You could be the early riser, the evening jogger, or the night owl. Make your pick and watch that clock.

You Don’t Have To Be A Pro

We wait too long just to start. Even worse is the fact that when we do, we are almost always a step behind. Therefore, we find ourselves working extra hard to make up for the late starts.

Think of it this way. As a baby, did you wait till you were fluent enough so to strike a conversation? If you did, let’s just say retarded would be your least enemy.

While genetics counts a few times, we have to take that first step and learn from it.
You grow into the groove!

Do Exercise That You Love

Look at little kids; jumping around, lifting things, running to win pointless games. I mean, they hardly understand just how fit they become on these little things.

We grow into couch potatoes because we lose touch with our fun, adventurous selves. Get out there and do activities but above all, do what you enjoy.
These could range from dancing, to rock climbing, to hiking, to martial arts. Find your niche and have fun doing it!

Be Consistent

So, you ignored today’s alarm. You say you will wake up in 20 minutes, then it becomes later in the day. Then perhaps in the evening, oh, how about tomorrow morning.

We always have a never coming tomorrow. Get up and do what you can, now. Do it consistently. Always remember it is the little cumulative efforts that will ultimately bring you to your desired shape.

Exercise Is Transformative!

Enjoy and celebrate the attitude and confidence that fitness brings along with it.

Lift weights, do runs, add some little squats, and a few pushups. Eventually, you’ll rise feeling a lot better about yourself. You’ll walk a little taller – literally! Let this alone drive you.

Have Some Outside Motivation

Friends and social media can always keep you on your toes. Get people that will make you accountable. If necessary, people that will make you feel the guilt of missing workout. You deserve a cross face, lazy!

Shun those who tell you that oh, it’s okay, you will try next time’’. Instead, associate with those that are willing to push you over the cliff just so you can exercise.

Start Small

Build yourself up by the small investments you make in yourself. Do 5 minutes today and be proud. Add another 5 tomorrow, and still be proud of yourself. That right there is called progress!

Have little habits like stretching your body, jogging a little bit, they will show, too. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Therefore, do not wait to break big in an instant.

Eat Clean

No one is asking you to go on a diet or to drop your meals altogether. Just eat clean! Keep a journal that records your meals if you need to.

It may not be the sweetest or the most delectable of foods. However, if you think beyond the mere taste, you will feel motivated to be selective on your foods.

Lifestyle Change

Exercise will not only reflect in your body but your life, too. Get plenty of sleep, or at least enough, if you think you are too busy to let your body regenerate.

You may as well change your office chair and get a chair that though not very comfortable, has a better recline. This will relieve you of back aches. Take the stairs to the relationships manager on the 11th Floor. Leave the lift for the truly emergency situations.

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